You cannot afford
disappointed clients or substandard leaders.

You’re a leader in your space — and you have a reputation to protect.

You cannot afford to:
  • Feel embarrassed every time you demo — because you know your interface is lacking, but haven’t gotten around to changing it
  • Disappoint your clients and prospects repeatedly — because your features are limited, and you cannot check all their boxes
  • Field complaint after complaint from your customers — because the platform is down…again
  • Chase to keep up with your competitors — because the race is expensive, and this is not your strength
You cannot afford to:
  • Work with do-it-all survey vendors who have no 360 specialty — nor the expertise to build them right
  • Deal with a faceless company that doesn’t value your long-term business
  • Spend weeks— if not months — driving the (time-intensive) assessment process
  • Rely on one-size-fits-all surveys that aren’t built around your organization’s core competencies

I have a hard time thinking of another company that could do what TruScore can

“TruScore’s strength is its flexibility and willingness to be creative in the way it applied our unique system without sacrificing the integrity of the instrument itself. I have a hard time thinking of another company that could do what TruScore can.”

– Jon Wrathall, Senior Advisor, Leadership Development for TransCanada

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